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ES6, ES7 & ES8, TIME to update your JavaScript/ECMAScript!

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If you have spent anytime coding in JavaScript, you have heard about ES6, ECMAScript, or ES2015. Maybe it was an obnoxious co-worker trying to put you down, another Udemy course keeps mentioning it, or you saw it on a Stack Overflow answer. If you’re not familiar with it, or are still wondering what the difference is between ECMAScript and Javascript, it’s the update that occurred in 2015 and subsequent years. Considering the history of JavaScript (which started in 1995), there was no update between 2000 and 2008, then again after that from 2008 until 2015, ECMAScript 2015 it is a BIG deal. It modernizes JavaScript. Smaller, but still important changes were released in ES7 (2016) and ES8 (2017).

I will take you through all the changes, one at a time in a modular approach. This means that you can do chapters as needed, out of order, etc. without serious issues. There is a significant history lesson in order to place JavaScript and ECMAScript in context and we’ll do comparisons to other languages so you get a feel for why certain things were added or changed. I also do frequent comparisons between JavaScript and other languages like C, Java, and Python. You do NOT need to know these languages to appreciate the nuances; they are simply helpful at understanding the reasons behind the ECMAScript standard and update.

I am still adding challenges for the various sections. Challenges that are already in, are in all caps (i.e., CHALLENGE) and are a great way to apply and practice! This course will challenge your JavaScript as you learn many new features, but also as you learn how JavaScript and ECMAScript relates to other languages (C, Java, etc.).

Course Layout

  1. Intro
  2. ES6 Easy Wins
  3. Classes
  4. Array Changes
  5. Map Constructor and Weak Map
  6. Set Constructor and Weak Set
  7. Promises
  8. ES8 (Async)
  9. Proxy Constructor and Reflect Object
  10. ES7




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