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100% off-The Complete Bootstrap Ultimate Course – Build 1 Project


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Learn Online Responsive Web Development using Framework of Bootstrap.This is a Udemy Free Course for Learning Bootstrap With Project (Example) website.

As this is the Time of Responsive Designs in Web Development so Why are you Wasting your Time ?

  • Why Don`t you Guys Start Working with the Most Useful and Flexible Framework to make Your Own Responsive Designs ?

Well, This is a Life Saving Opportunity for all of you to Learn the Bootstrap From A to Z. Start Learning from WHAT IS BOOTSTRAP ? to Creating your own Designs. Bootstrap Provide us almost 96% features of Front End Development by its own. Before Bootstrap :

  1. Our Designs were Non Responsive.
  2. To make Designs Responsive we had to work with Media Queries Only.
  3. We had to Write a Bunch of CSS that was a crazy Tough Job.

Bootstrap Gives us Everything from Its Classes. It allows us to write more HTML then CSS. In all of the Lectures of BASICS OF BOOTSTRAP , you will Cover almost every Topic that is necessary for you to know. At the Start of this course you will be Learn Basics of Bootstrap :

  • How to Download Bootstrap
  • How to Connect Bootstrap Files with HTML Page
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Alerts
  • Wells
  • Jumbotron
  • Tables
  • Navigation
  • Advance Navigation
  • Carousel
  • Advance in Carousel
  • Typography in Bootstrap
  • Images Management through Bootstrap
  • Scroll Spy Plugin
  • Panels
  • Collapsible
  • Glyphicons

After Learning a Lot of Stuff About these Features you will be able to Make Your Own Beautiful Website in Bootstrap. In Project we will make :

  • One Page Scrolling Navigation Website (Using Scroll Spy Plugin)
  • Blog Type Website

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